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Shaughn Irons
Born in United States
51 years
Family Tree
Robert 'Bob' Hill Old Friend February 1, 2012
Hi Shaughn,

Having left Rochester so many years ago, I'm slow to learn of what has transpired with people, and their lives. I regret not staying in touch.
There are so many folks who became enriched by your friendship.

I recall meeting you when we first started the basement band rehearsals of what would become 'Cappy and the Frenchmen'. We were just a few houses down from yours...1979.
It wasn't long before you were 'one of us'.

You sure enjoyed yourself and the scene that was going on at the time. It was a special time for music in Rochester, and you became a fixture of the culture.
You were always a good dependable friend, and provided sober advice when needed.

I'll never forget the time you and I were returning at 3 am from a gig in Buffalo, and we stopped at some locale on the Thruway, so you could find ice cubes to place on your eye lids to keep from nodding out while driving! We did have fun.

I was recently showing my girlfriend a 1980 clip of 'Cappy' and my black Rickenbacker bass was looming large on the screen. She asked what happened to it, and I explained it met it's demise in Shaughn's car trunk, were it was left, below zero freezing night!
It's alright Shaughn, I'm surrounded by several other's these days.

You would enjoy Nashville.  And, no doubt, you would have become a fixture on the scene here too. You're that kind of guy.

Cheers, and thank you for being a part of my life

Jake Schaible, Nephew
Happy St. Patty's Day, 2008, Shaughn!  I'll be wearing your kilt and hosting a Guiness for you today, again, my brother! 
Molly Harrison
Shaughn was a wild man, always full of surprises, always bearing gifts, a smile, a beer or a some health product. He was the best DJ EVER. The man knew music and back in the day, every hip place to go see bands who were yet to be discovered. Shaughn knew how to party, and we'll never forget some of the stories. He traveled the world and there is probably no one who knew all the things that crazy guy got himself into! We shared some of the best years of our lives together as a big, tight-knit group of friends in Rochester and reunited in CA.  I am thankful to have known Shaughn and his great big huge heart. Sometimes he took the hard route, but he never complained about what seemed like endless road blocks to his heart's desire.  I know he'll choose to come back and next time round, it'll be easier.  Shaughn, May you rest in peace and may your memory bring a smile to all of us who knew you and appreciated your unique spirit.
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